Air conditioning installation at a school in Bury

Unsworth Academy in Bury sent a website enquiry about fitting air conditioning in their drama studio of the school. We went to the school back in April and carried out a site survey. We recommended fitting 20 kw of cooling in the form of 2 x 10 kw wall mounts. The school had asked for the room when full of 50 to 60 students to be kept to 21 degrees and below, as at the moment on a hot day, it can reach 35 degrees and above with the body heat. We won the quote as we was over £4000 cheaper the the nearest competitor.

We installed 2 kw Midea wall mounts with all the electrics signed off by our sub electrical sub contractor. When commissioned the Midea wall mounts was giving 5 degrees in cooling which you could feel 8m away and also in heating it was 48 degrees been given off the coil. The school was over very happy with our service and will be back later in the year for additional work to be carried out.